Ume  Jam (Japanese Premium Gift) 

 ・Keep Your Good Health with Ume  

 -Natural Grown without pesticide.    

 -No added colors or flavors.    

 -Less sugar 

 -Developed by the cooking school “World Healthy Cooking” established in Setagaya 17 years ago

 -Also suitable for gift and souvenir 

・Can be used in many ways  

 - Spread on bread  

 - Put in tea , yogurt , or carbonated water  

 - Mix with dressing  

 - Use for curry or fried food as a hidden flavor 

 ※ Avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid storage. After opening, please keep it refrigerated,  

and eat it as soon as possible. 

・Japanese Culture from Setagaya  

 - Mi&Rei have been introducing Japanese culture (Cooking , Kimono , Flower Arrangement)for 38 years.  

 - We will develop seasonal products such as Jam with Japanese organic Apple Lemon in the future.   


世田谷区  せたがや文化教室サイト

草月流華道教室 手結び着付教室       世界のヘルシークッキング 食・花と緑・着物などを楽しむお教室&交流の場